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Everything you need to know about Europa League 2019/2020 season

The line-up for the 2019/20 UEFA Europa League group stage is now complete after the qualifying process reached its climax on Thursday.

An initial 17 teams booked their places automatically last season, including former winners Sevilla (2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016), Manchester United (2017) and Monchengladbach (1975, 1979), plus debutants Olexandriya from Ukraine.

They were joined by four losing teams from the UEFA Champions League third qualifying round and the six defeated clubs in the UEFA Champions League play-off round. The full complement of 48 sides was then rounded out by the winners of the 21 UEFA Europa League play-off ties.

UEFA Europa League

The 2019–20 UEFA Europa League is the 49th season of Europe’s secondary club football tournament organized by UEFA, and the 11th season since it was renamed from the UEFA Cup to the UEFA Europa League

The final will be played at the Stadion Energa Gdańsk in Gdańsk, Poland. The winners of the 2019–20 UEFA Europa League will earn the right to play against the winners of the 2019–20 UEFA Champions League in the 2020 UEFA Super Cup. They will also automatically qualify for the 2020–21 UEFA Champions’ League group stage, and if they have already qualified through their league performance, the berth reserved will be given to the third-placed team of the 2019–20 League, the 5th-ranked association according to next season’s access list.

Association team allocation

A total of 213 teams from all 55 UEFA member associations participate in the 2019–20 UEFA Europa League. The association ranking based on the UEFA country coefficients is used to determine the number of participating teams for each association.

Moreover, 55 teams eliminated from the 2019–20 UEFA Champions League are transferred to the Europa League (default number is 57, but 2 fewer teams compete in the 2019–20 UEFA Champions League).

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